(Algebra) How thick can folded paper get?

You are a very strong person and are able to fold a paper in half 20 times, and as a result, it's become pretty thick, to be precise- it's 52.4288 meters thick. Without using google, how thick is that piece of paper originally without folding it?

      1.0 mm

      0.1 mm

      0.5 mm

      5.0 mm

      0.25 mm

(Calculus) Find the Derivative of a function

Find the first derivative of the function $$ 3x^2 - 5x + 4 $$

      3 + 2x

      6x - 5

      6x^2 + 3x - 5



(Geometry) Volume of a Tennis Ball Can?

  • Say you want playing tennis, and you buy a new can of tennis balls as you seem to have misplaced all of your old ones! You know that one tennis ball has a volume of 33.51 cubic inches, and the can (which we are assuming is a perfect sphere) can fit 3 of these tennis balls perfectly. What is the volume of this tennis ball can?

(Geometry) How big will the dunce hat be?

Sarah was mischievous in class and assigned to wear a dunce hat with a radius of half a foot. Sarah is also a gargantuan student who comes to a whopping 7 feet tall, and her teacher wants Sarah to be so humiliated that the dunce hat goes all the way from her head to the ceiling, which is 10 feet off the ground. What will the volume of this dunce hat be?

      0.79 cubic ft

      3.00 cubic ft

      3.14 cubic ft

      1.83 cubic ft

      2.62 cubic ft