(Physics) Head-on Collision

A compact car and a large truck collide head on and stick together. Which undergoes the larger momentum change?

      A) car

      B) truck

(If you don't know after 5 min...guess! Then learn from the solution for next time!)

(Fluids) Let's Figure Out The Specifics

Mwahaha! You've concocted a new type of liquid that you're now measuring the properties of. Pouring it into a flask & putting it on a scale, you measure that 52 mL of the stuff weighs 0.062 g.

You've designed the liquid so it doesn't mix with water, and from the data above you need to know the following:

  1. What's the density of the fluid?
  2. What's its specific volume?
  3. What's its specific weight?
  4. And lastly, will the liquid float or sink in water?

(What's the difference between them all? Go to the answer to find out!)

Use latex to write equations.

(Probability) Goats vs Cars - A Classic...

While playing around in the casino, some weird guy walks up to you. In a deep voice, he says, "Let's Make a Deal!" Immediately, the entire background shifts like a movie set and you find yourself in a game show. Your mysterious "game host" shows you 3 doors (A, B & C) and asks you to choose. Behind one is a car, and behind the other two are goats.

You choose door A. He then opens door C, revealing a goat behind it. (Note: The Host always opens a goat door). He then gives you the option to stick with your original door A, or switch to door B.

Which choice will give you the best odds of winning the car?

(Thermo) Types of Heat Transfer

(Physics) Velocity of Simple Harmonic Motion

A block of mass m is attached to a spring with spring constant k is free to slide along a horizontal frictionless surface. At t = 0 the block-spring system is stretched an amount x0 > 0 from the equilibrium position and is released from rest. What is the x -component of the velocity of the block when it first comes back to the equilibrium?

(After 5 min, if you don't know, guess! Then learn from the solution for next time!)